New Guy


You, Me, Closet, 7Min, Heaven, Now..
Oct 7, 2014
Washington, USA

Been playing with the outfit for a little over a week, only had to re-join once (dumb glitch..)

So, started playing PS back in 2005, with some guys in the Army whilst I still stayed in the barracks. I was in the outfits PhoenixRixing and D2a, back in the day. I was active with a number of different characters until 2007, when I went to Iraq and a bunch of stuff. Went to Korea in 2010, played a TR character and a VS character for a few months, and then moved to Germany (Where I live now) where I finally settled in, and joined BRTD, and got a Nissan Skyline ;)

So I fix and crew helicopters for the Army, and enjoy traveling with the family.

Really revved up for PS2, I also play DDO, and EVE, and SWTOR, and BF3 (XBox - Boostoff)