New trail confused, need to get in touch


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Dec 15, 2012
Hello everyone!

I am a trail member, and I'm a bit confused, or perhaps I'm just missing something (wouldn't be the first time! ;)). I am now. as I said, a trail member, and as such I am to connect to mumble to make myself known and get the proper permissions. All well and good! Now, of course I don't have the password and I checked around to see what I should do.

Check with the Recruitment officers!

After some additional searching I think I found out who at least four of those are. However, I can't seem to send them a private message on this forum (I might just be blind and not see the button!).

So, I decided to jump in-game to see what I could find. I've looked at the website before filing my application and knew that people should have the same name on the forums that they have in-game, so I tried a /who on all the officers I knew about, but gave up after a few hours. I resorted to /tell some BRTD members I saw at the warp gate trying to see if they knew of any recruitment officers being online but unfortunately I got no reply. After feeling slightly embarrassed /tell:ing people I logged off to write this post (sorry if this isn't the normal way this is done!) in the hopes that I can reach out and hopefully get a mumble password from a recruitment officer.

I hope you have oversight for me not being totally in the loop and that I might have missed some kind of vital information that will tell me what I should do.

Thanks in advance!




I should have told you when I accepted your app, my apologies. I don't know why they've removed the thread.

The PM function is in the community section.


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Aug 31, 2014
hello fella, im the guy that calls you "reclus" i will learn your name properly sorry about the shortcut. you fit in well. at least this afternoon you did :). looking forward to having you onboard whilst we demolish the enemy :) .. even if you are ex-NC. i have a PS1 NC char. i went engi-lodestar. so i didnt kill brtd. but its great to have you aboard, main points would be read the forum, second would be use mumble(which you do). 3rd . . have fun and listen to SL/PL. any questions then please ask :) we would rather you ask questions than not know. even if you think there silly " i should know this" questions. ask

looking forward to seeing you ingame again dude :D