Not on much during the weekdays.



Not exactly going away, just thought id post to say that i won't be on much during the weekdays due to work commitments and that where i live during the weekdays i can only play on a laptop which handles the game ok but not well enough to have fun. If im on my own in a skyguard or w/e its playable to some extent but in big fights my computer tries to commit suicide which is not good. Not good at all.

So just to let you know that i have not loss interest in the game its only to tell you i wont be as active game-side during the week and preventing people thinking iv wandered off/not active.

If you do see me during the week days im sorry i cannot participate in bigger stuff if your wondering why ill be soloing as i can only play solo/support as i have to keep away from intense frame rate situations.

But hey, roll on the weekend! :woohoo: