[Nov 4, 2017] Nanite of the Living Dead (Jaeger Server)


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Feb 14, 2012

Post from Reddit:

Its that time of year again where Auraxis is claimed by the cold hand of Undeath! So grab your shotties and prepare to defend yourself from the incoming horde!

On the 4th of November (I know it is the wrong month, blame the French and Germans) the swarms of the purple undead will once again sweep across Jeager. Claiming the lives of the last few survivors!

The Factions are going to be NC vs VS, with the survivors as NC and Zombies as VS. Zombies will attack Survivor bases, we may change this as the night progresses.

The event will start on the Jeager server at 19:00 UTC (remember clocks will have changed by this point!) Your accounts will be given out and we will be on PSB TS (ts.planetsidebattles.org)

If you are coming with several outfit mates, please join the "REQUESTING ACCOUNTS FOR OUTFIT". An organizer (so far Laddie, Erots, Omnishoot) will give your a google sheet with the accounts. It is required that you write the name of the players using the accounts on the sheet we will give you. The more early you come and request the accounts, the better it will be for both you and us. You're also expected to make sure your mates are aware of the rules, especially non-english speaking ones. If you are alone, please also come as soon as possible to avoid queue to receive accounts. Join and wait inside the "REQUESTING ACCOUNT FOR PARTICIPANT" to receive an account. Please make sure you are aware of the rules before coming.


No MAXes.

Shotguns Only.

No Turrets or walls.

Valks are the only vehicles allowed to be pulled, you are not allowed to fire from them or use the guns.

You are free to use whatever implants you want. Zombies must run Catlike

Sidearms must be single shot only.

Zombies must be medics or LAs. Ambusher Jets for Zombies are banned due to enforced Catlike

Zombies can revive their fallen (rez nades too).

Zombies must use standard knifes, no OHK knifes, no throwing knifes or Amaterasu.

Survivors cannot be revived once dead.

Survivors must switch to Zombies once dead

No Explosives

Ready your blades and your shotguns, prepare your voice for your undead growls and try to fend of, or join the horde!
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