[Nov 5, 2016] Nanites of the Living Dead (Jaeger)


Mar 9, 2015
Attention BRTD! The Nanites of the Living Dead are upon us again!

Nanites of the living dead

Alright so the old tradition of the Halloween player event organize by the RPS community was not a huge success this year, whatever the reasons are.

But it is sad that this tradition is falling apart that way, especially when we have the tool to organize and secure such an event. Therefore it will be organized on Jaeger, by doing that we can avoid all the farmers trying to ruin the event.

The date that is being proposed is next Saturday at 20:00 UTC so that NA players can participate (even if it won't be a spooky night for them).

The event is organized that way :

  • We start with 2 factions.
    • VS is starting as the zombies and will represent ~20% of the player. They can only use medic (medic tool / knife only) and LA (knife only). Not activatable knife.
    • TR start as the survivors. They can use every class they want but can only use shotguns or pistols. They can only use the following vehicles : flash, harasser, sundy, valkyrie for transport only, NO USE OF THE WEAPONS. Their goal is to attack and take the zombie bases. If a survivor is killed by a zombie then he must leave his TR character, join his VS one and respect the rules of the zombie.
  • The event stop when all TR characters are dead, or if no points if flipped after a certain amount of time.
We will use the PSB teamspeak for organization as anyway anyone using a Jaeger account must be on the TS. Quick reminder that NO CHARACTER SHOULD BE DELETED WHEN USING AN ACCOUNT ON JAEGER (so you do not create a ZOMBmyname character after your death).

IT IS OF COURSE BEST FOR EVERYONE TO RESPECT THE RULES AND PLAY FAIR. If we are good we can maybe do 2 rounds of 1h each (or more, or less we will see).

So spread the news and come join us, it will be an awesome event!


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Feb 14, 2012
I should be there

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Oct 15, 2016
Aw crap too bad I only have SEK. :O
But yeah, just remembered I'm playing board games tomorrow anyway. Too bad, this sounds like a lot of fun!