On and off



Yo !
Think ive mentioned it before that i live on 2 addresses atm.
Gona move to my girkfriends place and it will take some time before am settled in with my rigg and a nice ISP to play on.

When am on am just home and feeding my animals and then catch some game time.
will ofc be up for action for PS2 and maybe then ill fix my mic for mumble.

See you all old folks and new folks when i get there.

fairytale aka Kent


Think its time for a headsup.

From my last post ive moved and settled down in my new famliy of three.
i Also have my first baby on the way in september so this will change a lot of things for god and bad :)

On the gaming front it hasent been that muchk, on launch after played the beta i lost the feeling for the game.
Also my old rigg that been around for the past 8 years gave up on me for the fourth time so i Think ill put him to rest now and build a new rigg better suited for PS2.

If things plays out well ill take some daddy leave from work and maybe get some time for gaming during the Winter.

Really miss the old Days of fun in PS and maybe ill find it again with you guys in PS2.

Untill then ill keep an Eye in the forum now & then.

/ Fairytale


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Apr 13, 2012
No worries, keep in mind that most players got six free month's of Planetside so you may have some free time on there as well if you want to check it out.