Outfit Practice Every Friday 9pm GMT



Every Friday 9pm GMT will be the time and date for our reocurring Outfit Practice. We will cover our main topics such as communication, response time, and other topics that need to be worked on. We will meet in warpgate go over our topics for practice, then head out and fight as a outfit. Each week we will have different tactics and topics to practice.

Friday 9pm GMT


Looking forward to it.
For everyone who will be attending this is the link you need to read to freshen up your communications.

Also the Training staff will be online and do On the spot training with anyone who we think needs it.


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Nov 11, 2012
Any chance to maybe make the practices/events 1-2 hours earlier or are the times set final?

I'd much prefer 19 gmt especially on weekdays. Even on weekends I'd prefer a little earlier.

Of course that's just me and I know we time our ops so majority of the outfit can partake.

I'm still super active from 14-ish to 20-ish on weekdays and even later on weekends even if I can't partake in most of our ops.


Outfit practice will be moved back to 8pm GMT SOON, BIgAl doesn't get off work until 9pm GMT and I want him to be able to address the outfit as a whole and give us the state of the outfit when we have everyone online. During this early time in beta I want him to be there along with all the CO-Leaders. For now it will remain 9pm GMT.