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Planetside 2 Beta



hey guys im not sure if you remember me, but myself and my buddy joe where with the outfit for a few months. my buddy and me are in beta right now, and we are wondering if BRTD will have a North American outfit?

there will be a whole bunch of my friends joining the game, and we are possibly planing to make a outfit to spec our outfit certs to our standards. we may also decided to Join BRTD directly or as in an alliance if you guys will be around on US servers.

anyway just wanted to say hi, and we are still thinking of you guys :)

~ Peter


Recruitment Officer
Outfit Member
Aug 25, 2014
The outfit as I've heard will be split across both US and EU servers, seeing as the outfit pops are more a less equal from both places now. East or West US I have no clue I'll be on the Euro side.

Glad to see you again mate


ok if yoy guys can let Nacho know, me and JoePublic will be joining back up with BRTD come release B)