Preparing for the liberation of Woodman and Cobalt


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Oct 19, 2012
Obviously, we need to teach these guys a lesson in freedom by the end of our Gauss guns in the upcoming event.

However, as the orderly Force of Justice, we as BRTD are by design not prepared for the rag-tag, rebel scum state of being. So how do we make this mental switch? How to emotionally prepare for this? Some tips:

[li]Start wearing yellow and blue underwear[/li]
[li]Every day after waking up, shout "Murica, fuck yeah!" at your mirror[/li]
[li]On your regular TR character, use slow firing, hard hitting guns only. TMG-50/Sabre 13, I'm looking at you[/li]
[li]Become an alcoholic[/li]
[li]Start whining on the forums about the other factions being OP[/li]
Feel free to share tips of your own on how to prepare for this.

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