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Hi boys and girls,

The design team of planetside2 did a stream where they tackled some problems.
Here is the link of a guy who posted it on reddit

For those who can't see the link or for you lazy bastards under us

I took some notes on the design stream from today. If there are any mistakes, please comment!

World Design:

General Items

More Linear base capture flow: Progressional approach instead of multiple points all over the base. Coming soon.
Experimenting with Walls internally
Faction based teleporters. Locked to faction control.
Teleporters will automatically teleport you without pressing E now.
New Capture Mechanics to be added for testing

Zurvan Only: Remove 6 capture points, 1 Single point in main super structure. Shield gens power shields protecting the single capture point. A second shield gen to get access to area housing Spawn Control Unit.
Peris Only: 6 Capture points still, 3 Interior ones are protected by shields. Satellite Outposts have shield gens nearby. 1 each for each of the flags inside the main base.
Adjacency System

To attack a hex, at least one side must be friendly territory.
Not next patch, but following one.
You can still damage generators on rear bases.
Will help define a front-line.
Future idea of allowing you to capture a rear facility, but won't give any influence.
Northern Area of Map

Try to direct more flow there, light changes to start, more to come based on monitoring and feedback.
Trying to divert north-south traffic away from The Crown, still the most densley contested area.

First internal team test taking place tomorrow.
Snow hills that allow you to walk right up to the secondlevel of a perimeter base wall.
Trench warfare.
Layout done, mostly just adding some outposts, facilities are setup.
Touching up still taking place.
Outpost Towers

Stairs from bottom to first floor are misaligned to the stairs from second to third floor. Changed so the end points are closer.
Adding second set of elevation pads to the oppositie side of the tower to the top air level.

Anti-Air and Aircraft

Ground to air AA is being improved. Small changes over time.
Damage increase to all AA.
Reduction on Liberator main gun damage.
Liberator bottom gun increased TTK, reduction of shells per ammo mag.
No plans to decrease flight-ceiling.
Bug with Reaver confirmed, it has a higher top-speed than other ESF.
ESF have increased ROF.
ESF increased ammo capacity.
Flares are coming in certs. May be in next patch, if not, will be in following.
Next, NEXT patch will include new certs for aircraft upgrades.
Joystick support on Aircraft coming. Work on supporting analog to digital inputs.
Ground Vehicles

Improving feedback on taking damage (new audio cues).
Bug where damage over a certain amount will not appear as an on screen flash in the HUD.
Improvements on issues with Flash and Sunderer being a bit crappy, caused by working on a good "default" setup that can be upgraded on with certs.
Talk on adding horn to Sunderer. Plans to allow you to change the horn.

VS Weapons Issue

Underestimated engagement ranges: VS Weapons degrade in damage over range faster than TR and NC, hence their disadvantage at ranges.
Improving weapon falloff damage for all empires.
Average engagement distance, 40-60m, sometimes as high as 130m. They were tuning for 40m originally, but expanding on it.
All weapons will get better at range, including VS weapons.
Class Upgrades

ACE Tool on Engineer can toggle between Turret and Ammo with "B", isn't clear to players right now.
Engineer will never lose his ability to drop ammo and repair regardless of upgrades.
Engineers can resupply under-barrel ammo.
Spawn beacons are disappearing when switching kits, this is intentional for items like mines and other deployables. Spawn beacons are intended to stay at all times.
Spawn beacons will have different colours depending on empire, thought it may not be the beam that's different?
MAX Balance

Lack of counters is the current acknowledged issue.
Add more anti-max weapons: Under-barrel grenade launchers, Anti-armour ammo through certs.
No timers, no resource costs are being added.
Idea of adding a "Soft-spot" on maxes, possibly on their back.

Relocating equipment Terminals from the main firefight areas, too convenient.
You won't auto-heal to 100% by simply changing classes or resupplying.

Certification on how much health people you revive come back at.
Return of reviving MAX units.


Adding more system messages for invites, if it was sent, or declined, etc.
Lots of issues with these alerts, if you have one, report it please.
Improvements to the Implants screen in next patch: "Equip" button has been added to prevent you from accidentally using an item, temp measure, new UI coming for this screen.
Squad screen is too buried in the UI, new shortcut key: "P" and default screen on the "Social" tab.
Secondary objectives in facilities to have different states on their status: Attacked, Repaired.
HUD Indicators are getting too noisy: new approach to what's more important for what should appear and disappear, when they fade out, when they're present.
Future plan to customize all indicators in settings.
Youtube uploader is working now, will be enabled once NDA is lifted?
Twitch streamer is going to be built in to the game client.
Squad way-points will be back, bug at the moment.
Key-binds not saving, being fixed.
Near future: Vehicle management screen, Locked to you, everyone, only your squad. Kick people from your vehicle.

Zooming states based on vehicle type, tied to certs to increase range.
Making indicators more relevant; important indicators aren't showing, other indicators are too large.

Activity level on an area.
Communicate supply lines.
Base status if they're under attack.
Display if a facility is locked and cannot be attacked.

On screen alerts of medals when you earn them.

Bug fixes.
Platoon settings to allow squad leaders to also invite people to platoons.
Instant Action

Bug fixes coming on issues with instant death.
Issue with dropping in the wrong spot caused by changing states of current hot-spots (every minute it updates), being looked into.

Voice strip of who's talking next to chat box: Name and voice channel.
Comm panel will give you options for different voice channels (volume).
Custom voice channels coming in the future, private channels.
Ability to set your primary voice key to a specific voice channel.

Faster Strafing

Updates to acceleration and deceleration
It's currently lagged movement in beta, you'll be able to move faster between states and directions.
Infantry movement speed is based on your weapon.
Not aiming for Planetside 1 style strafing.
AMS and the Galaxy

Current plan is to stick with the Galaxy.
Devs: Different world design compared to PS1, there are more spawn locations on PS2.
No data yet that they need to add an AMS to the game.
Galaxy requires more defending compared to the AMS.
Improving Galaxy survive-ability: Getting rid of the ability to kill a Gal by ramming it with another Gal, Drop podding on a Gal wont kill it.
Moving nose gun on the Galaxy to the top for better firing arcs.
Auto Run

It's being added to the game, not in yet but will be.
Mini-map zoom controls

Intended to automate the zoom level based on vehicle type or infantry.
TR Weapons and NC Weapons have the same stats, but TR have more ammo!

UI ingame is presenting the wrong info on weapons.
NC do more damage at close range.
Stats are different across all empires weapons.
New recoil system on horizontal sway. Intention to make weapons feel more unique.
Last Minute Thoughts

We are experimenting with the idea of adding walls!
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