Scopes for the SR-7 sniper rifle


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Mar 24, 2013
So I got myself the SR-7 sniper rifle. Now I wonder! There are 4 scopes available for this rifle. They vary from x7 to x12 enhancement, but are equal in "price"!
So for a sniper, why sould I buy the x7 scope if I can get the x12 for the same price? What am I missing? Or does the x12 scope doesn't work without the others? Anybody got an answer? Thinks in advance for replay :)


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Nov 24, 2012
I only use the 12x for my snipers, I suppose the ones with lower magnification could work in biolabs but I never snipe in the biolabs or smaller bases.


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Oct 19, 2012
I had that same idea as well when I started bolt action sniping (there are better and cheaper alternatives for SR-7 btw). However, I find 12X a bit too much for my likings. Field of view with that scope is so limited that it hinders my target acquisition time too much in a game where people are constantly moving. So I ended up with the 10x scope which is sufficient enough for most situations, even on the Rams .50 (best TR sniper rifle).


if u go for Headshots 12x scope if u want versatility go for the lower magnification :)

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Jan 15, 2013
I run with two set ups. For close range work I use a silencer and default 6X scope. For long range work I use a 10X scope and no silencer. Since the scopes don't cost many certs I would give them all a try and see which you like best.


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Mar 12, 2013
I'll be getting to the SR-7 shortly. Remember, this thing is very quick. That makes it very suitable for close range sniping. So by close I don't mean SMG range, I mean 60-20m at which point the default scope and silencer is a really good idea. That's how I intend to use it at least. Unless you're desperate for an auraxium medal on it and already have one on the rams .50 this isn't the ideal rifle for longer ranges. Not that the SR-7 wouldn't work for that, it's just that the rams is empirically better with higher damage and higher bullet velocity.

So yeah, in short, default scope, silencer, get in closer. I've done some of that in the past and it's actually really fun and can potentially work extremely well. I normally don't go with the x12 scope unless I know I'll be 250m+ away. The reason for that is that I struggle with the x12 if I get close and I almost always end up closer than anticipated as I like to run in squads. If you're an infiltrator in a squad and you're more than 100m away I feel as if I'm not actively contributing unless I manage to find that peeerfect spot, which I rarely do :p My standard scope tend to be the x10 or x8 depending on my mood for the day, normally the x10.


Aug 2, 2014
The main difference other than their varying magnification levels is the field of view.

I use the RAMs a lot with a x12 scope for extreme range but when the enemy start getting to close then you need a scope with a wider field of view such as the x8.


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Nov 23, 2012
For Rams i would recommend 12x and stick to it. It isnt inhibiting your FOV much and if you go for head shots (and you should) its best available. Smaller scopes are from close range precision shots (cant call that sniping tbh).

About that part where you feel you aint part of the squad when you snipe from 100+ meters i think you are wrong. All depends only on your target selection. Pick off AV AI engineers, Phoenix and lancer statues, enemy snipers and leave fast moving targets for your buddies. When you give them some covering fire and enable rest of your guys to push in feeling is great. All the soldiers don't need to be on front line to be part of success.
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