Server Maintenance 04.10.2013



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l game servers will be brought down at 4:00 AM (1:00 PM CEST) for maintenance and a brief update to address a few outstanding issues. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 4 hours. Players may note the following changes:

Database optimizations are being done to improve overall performance.
New shotguns available in the Depot! Grab yours today!

Terran Republic: TAS-16 Blackjack
New Conglomerate: LA39 Bruiser
Vanu Sovereignty: Deimos VA29
NS-15M damage adjustments have been made

The minimum damage has been increased at 65 meters from 112 to 125.
Fixes for NS-11C and NS-15M ribbons have been made.

All Phalanx Turrets

Increased damage resistance to Aircraft Machine Guns from 85% to 94%. This makes it similar to the damage aircraft machine guns do to tank top armor.

Spear Phalanx Turret (Anti-Vehicle)

Min damage has been adjusted from 1000 to 1250
Projectile flight characteristics now match Vanguard 150mm HEAT
Speed increased from 200 to 250
Gravity has been decreased.

Xiphos Phalanx Turret (Anti-Personnel)

Changed damage type from personal weapon to heavy machine gun. This will allow it to damage heavy armor targets.
Max/Min damage adjusted from 218/150 to 200/167
Max/Min range adjusted from 100/75 to 85/10

Aspis Phalanx Turret (Anti-Aircraft)

Can now pitch 10 additional degrees downward.
The shotgun reticule will now correctly show base spread of the weapon.


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Jan 22, 2013
I wish they would simply stop the shotgun redical moving all together. So blooming annoying.


New Member
Mar 12, 2013
Yet it accounts for the weapon that have killed you the least times Sharpe! THE STATS RENDER YOUR OPINION OBSOLETE! Go back to sheep land and play with your pink sheep, you pink sheep player, you know.