Sledgehammerr introduction



Hi guys,

Thanks for inviting me into the outfit! I have just started playing PS about a month ago or so, well I played at release for about a year and then played again for a while longer 2005-2006. I came back due to some of the pub about PS2 and thought what the heck, I will give it a try since I am between games anyhow. I always played VS the past two times around, this time I spent about a week on each side and have a 17 br VS, 8 NC, and 10 TR. I have settled on playing the TR, since I like the feel of the weapons and after trying to take a tower of 8-10 TR versus 50+ NC for over 3.5 hours on Esamir I was sold on the TR. There isn't much strat chat (local or global) at all and I wonder how we ever captured a base sometimes. Anyhow, I really like the TR weapons and how they feel/sound and cannot believe that I played for so long before without ever trying out the other sides.

I am pretty much a complete noob atm, really I am trying to learn the ropes again, but I am having more fun with this game than I thought possible, enough to actually pay for a sub anyhow, which surprised me that it had one even though my eq2 account went FTP along with most in the SOE line. But it was fun enough to put down some cash for a couple, something I haven't done in a while. I am running agile armor/Advance Engie(the combat/fort combo cert)/mosquito/medium assault @ BR10. I never really got into flying much before, since I was shot down so fast it really didn't seem like a whole lot of fun, but I am getting a little bit better flying around. I have been doing the engineer thing with this guy and its been pretty fun, just not having rexo kinda sucks sometimes.

I will try and get on mumble when I can, but during the day hours I normally have the volume off, because kids are home, naping etc.. I really only play during the weekends during the day hours anyhow. I try to get on most nights for a couple hours at least and blow things up. It really depends on work though as I have to cover some weird shifts at times.

Let me know if there are any must have certs or items etc.. I have already downloaded mumble, but I cannot find the mic atm, however I think its around somewhere and should still work. I don't talk alot on the mic, too many things at once, I used help run raids and it was more stressful than my day job, LOL.

Cya in game