Small Break



Hey guys

Just letting you know I will be taking a break, can't specify a time as it really depends on SOE.

To me the game is not fit for release it is more like a closed beta with no reset on the cards. The game has some big balance issues which are the main reason I wish to take a break, the lack of optimisation, cheat protection and all round polish are concerns too.

I do not wish to bash the game as it is very good and I am sure things can only get better, when they do I will be back :)


New Member
Sep 26, 2012
Fair enough Open :)

Game can be annoying at times, but personally the outfit moments and those battles worth adding to the History books are what makes the game amazing, that 1 moment or move when you do a flick flack and drop C4 or anti-tank mines for a 7+ Kill or drop a mag for maximum pleasure :D Funny and epic moments that you may miss! wink wink nudge nudge!

Do understand though :D


Back for some more Pew Pew

Think I need another invite and stuff.