Sorry guys


Blue Winter

But I'm gonna have to retire from the outfit.

To cut a dull story short, a bunch of my fiance's friends play Planetside, and they've give him a key and asked him to come play with them. Theyre Vanu, on Chaldene.
He, in turn, is bugging me to go as well.
Much as I prefer the Red/black and the TR aesthetic in general to the purple laser rave going on in the VS, but its not worth the domestic to argue it out.

So, thank you very much for two great evenings of fighting for the Republic, and for letting me in in the first place.

Sorry to screw you guys around like this :(


While you'll be VS in colour we will see you as TR in person.
Just have a sly little smile if you see 1 of us gun down your fiancée eh ;)