[Suggestion] Inter-reaper support squads.



Hi boys and girls.

I have written what i am about to say 3 times and my browser kept crashing so i will type as i think before i forget everything so bear with me. (completely re-worded this 3 times and as a person who thinks while typing i will forget half the valid points i have made)

As an outfit we have numerous reapers, we are well and good in what we do as an outfit on the ground and we take and take and take. But here are times when we get shafted in situations where i am constantly thinking we could actually win - but defeatism sets in and we give up and we fall back elsewhere.

BRTD love taking bases, but when it becomes too much for us we always fall back to a fall-back point either because the spawn rooms are being camped or we literally get kicked out of a base and get our asses handed to us. But BRTD seem to have a thing about trying to hold in the spawn room until the point of no return. We always seem to "re-spawn" onto a base which is quickly over-run by the same force we had just met trying to set up a defense at lastminute.com

If we had a reaper besieged at base, and i had a squad of people at the fall back point ready to roll as soon as the situation is more favorable to the attackers and less viable for us as defenders in the spawn room - having that squad at the fall back will equal to two (or even more things)

#Setting up a defense ready to "hold out" until the reaper when it withdraws has time to re organised.
#The squad at the fall back location is forming armor to "relieve" its fellow platoon mates at the besieged base.

As an outfit - when we take bases its all a case of everyone onto either the point or the SPAWN rooms. This is also the same as the enemy. If the bar is ticking to VS/NC and there's no chance of taking it - form up elsewhere, re-commit to the base and catch them with their pants down. They will be more likely looking INWARDS than OUTWARDS. Attack being the best form of defense and even if it fails it puts that enemy force on the back foot and it does not allow the enemy force to gather momentum - spill out elsewhere. (Think of chipping a block, or containment before it spreads) We take out that horde of mags early, it will be a lot more easier for ourselves at the fall back (if we loose the push) or for whoever is unlucky enough to run into the enemy if they wander else where.

It seems having a force of "assets" in support can influence the flow of battle in numerous ways, and by support i do not necessarily mean support as in ammo/repair. This includes potentially having an inter-reaper air wing as we all know there are numerous players within BRTD who long for air squads and will just-pull mossis and lib in game even to the point of ignoring what the leader wants and by the time of a re-org there is half full squads and keeping a track of who is on the ground and who is in the air is not always known.

For example without having these sort of people put under one squad the commander is probably not 100% sure who is where. Its hard for a leader to organise multi-objectives for example - alpha go here, bravo go there to 5 minutes later to check the map to see a 4 man alpha and a 3 man bravo team somewhere because members of their squad have detached themselves from the squad. Having a squad on-call to re role or to provide air will give the commander a good "number" of people who should be on the ground.

I mean ill be honest - i am sick of having 24 players in a reaper to then not have even half of them fill a single bus. Once one person mentions lib - all organisation is lost momentarily and same goes for people pulling without being told to pull)

When i am leading i like to think as the squads as several stacks of cards. Putting people into squads in terms of what they are going to do for me. If i have people in the air / lean more towards air-work then i would rarther have them in one group - then instead of spread about the numerous squads. If i have people who don't care about xp and want to play the capping game - put them into a squad.

I will take drunk ops last night as a prime example to illustrate my points.

mythx : Fuck it im going for auroa (i then move him into delta squad on his own) - so i know hes not going to be "with us"
steveo/jeff : libbing (move them to their own squad ingame so i know they are not "on the ground".

Its all about the leader knowing where his people are and his "numbers" of people he has at his disposal so he can formulate plans and schemes. Preventing the orders of sending *what he thinks* is a full squad to find out its 3 people and several mossis and libs. But thats where things like this go wrong.

People do not "own up" to being that mossi or prowler or w/e ten million miles away from the current waypoint. Last night i had great work by jeff and steveo - i knew where they were and i moved them "to a deck" as in support (with mythx who was still at auroa being a hero) but i knew for a fact there was more libs then i knew about, i called them out but had no response. So i thought "ok so i will use them then"

"can i get one of those libs on north tower and the other SW hardpoint" - and i think it was only jeffs/steveo lib who got back to me/did what they were told in abundance. (Yes i know who was in that other lib and yes it was "helpful" but not when i do not KNOW your in that lib and cant get a good idea of who i have in the gen room) Nor did that lib "help" in the objective side of things.

In that bio lab we had a good lock down, we were wiping the floor with 252 and Conz skulls but it got to the point after the 5th re secure that the enemy had broken through on multiple entrances. And yes it may be my fault for sending everyone as maxes to the gen - but i then tried to rectify and plug the gaps by asking for "names" of people who were not "essential" (maxes,engineers and medics) so i could re-work the platoon ORBAT (order of battle) and basically say "if your in charlie i want you all to go here, work with the guys of your squad and hold that teleporter entrance - so and so lead it.)

Many thanks to DNA for answering up, but that idea fell apart for two reasons

#Not everyone answered up (i had a look around, we had 5 maxes and 3 engineers and 2 medics out of a reaper of 20+) So i literally had 10 people "unaccounted for"
#The NC hit us hard.

I know changing the ORBAT on the fly is more "work" but i think its essential to the point of effectiveness, it keeps the ORBAT nice and clean and not having a bunch of squads in which in every squad there's the odd mossi etc I also know its very circumstantial and things always change. People join and leave. But an effort to say "look at your squads you are in guys - take note of what you are in" every so often could help.

There are finite ways in which a "support" squad or even team can benefit the reaper its in.

such as :

#In house air wing
#Bus-links (a team of people who job is to literally keep pulling buses up to a base so we always have a spawn)
#Taxi drivers - a gal already en-route so we don't waste time recalling and reforming.
#A team setup at the next Waypoint ready to "greet" any enemy force currently arriving from the base that BRTD has just taken/
#Having a team set up in defence ready to for a reaper withdrawal.
#A "garage" for an air wing or prowler push.

Having an inter reaper air wing is probably the most efficient - because with equal numbers comes greater projectability. Especially if it sticks to a wolf pact attitude whether that be majority wounded - they all go back TOGETHER to re arm and refit or they re-organise if 2 or more "go down" falling back to warpgate so allow their squad mates to pull a lib/mossi depending on what they had the last time - this will always keep the balance of mossi/libs up in the air. The ones who died in a mossi, can then get a lib. Those who died in a lib piloting can then gun for the guy who was gunning his lib) We always have an air wing - but its shared amongst to reapers and sometimes i sense the requests far-outweigh the capacity of the air wing. When in regards to cool-downs etc. Just because an air wing says "ok we will do it" does not mean its sending everything. An in-house air will be more "locale" to its platoon leader.

As i said, think as i type so i may have even loss track of my initial thoughts and opened up several other discussions. But detaching "squads" to places instead of everyone follow the waypoint is more efficient in my opinion - example last night

"invuln take charlie to echo valley while the rest of us push across to glacier"

"invuln how is echo valley?"

"yeah we flipped"

"Ok - take another sundy and re-attempt it - once down go for C point at glacier.

Not only did it achieve more in a "land grab sense" it also allowed me, as a commander to think "well if searro is fucked atleast i have a squad in proximity" it also allowed less "confusion" on the re-org at glacier having asked Alpha to go to A point and bravo to bravo with its corrosponding sundy at those points it allowed an idea of where the forces were. As charlie was in the area of charlie bravo near bravo and alpha near alpha - they would naturally fill charlies bus and what ever squad+bus was near them which negated the common mis match between the 3 buses. So naturally i had 3 buses ready to go with each squad in it already organised. However - that was in an ideal world and in retrospect i only had charlie together and 2 other buses mixed up with alpha and bravo. (But i was giving it as an example) Because charlie was "further away" in my mind i could have used them as "back up" for example

"glacier is overun by mags, invuln pull back to searro and pull armor and push the bridge"


"glacier is lost - invuln fall back to searro and prepare to defend - we will do what we can here"

Hope this all made sense to some degree! this is the 3rd time i have wrote this and each time considerably different/points!
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Nov 25, 2012
Yeah i like the idea of a support unit that can quickly detach from somewhere they're not needed to help out another Reaper that is getting face-stomped.

"#In house air wing
#Bus-links (a team of people who job is to literally keep pulling buses up to a base so we always have a spawn)
#Taxi drivers - a gal already en-route so we don't waste time recalling and reforming.
#A team setup at the next Waypoint ready to "greet" any enemy force currently arriving from the base that BRTD has just taken/
#Having a team set up in defence ready to for a reaper withdrawal.
#A "garage" for an air wing or prowler push."

I wouldnt mind getting involved in doing some of this stuff, but my headset is dead just now so no mic for me. If you want to get a squad like this active Dotz, just holler and i'll help out. My Galaxy is stock, but i've got pimped out Sundys, Libs and Prowlers available and willing to burn certs into things you thing may be needed for a squad like this.

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Jan 2, 2013
Sounds like a good idea. I do think people should tell/announce if they are gonna do something different so that they are put in a different squad. That way you can still keep track of them without getting squad one and two disorganized.

Just wondering one thing though. If we have two normal squads and then one air-support one for example. Wont you need to extend the amount of people who can be in the channels on Mumble since the reaper would technically be bigger if some people joined the normal squads?

I do like the idea though, need to find a way to mobilize the people who don't like to hang around in a big infantry ball. :)


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Sep 26, 2012
I like how you quote me very precisely lol...

We are going to be implementing fast response / support squads.
We have been meaning to for quite some time now.


[quote="Mythx" post=11707]I like how you quote me very precisely lol...

We are going to be implementing fast response / support squads.
We have been meaning to for quite some time now.[/quote]

Its probably one of the only things i can remember :p, i was like "fucking auroa?.....ohhhh" :D


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Oct 19, 2012
That's a lot of text to make a suggestion for support squads (TBH, I had a hard time to make all sense of it) but I like the idea.