Terran Republic; why we are just and right


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Nov 6, 2012
Tyrany? what do you mean with tyrany? The Tr merely strive to protect what is good and just about humanity, they strive to protect the peace, order and law and have suceeded in averting terrorism, corruption, starvation, greed, war, racism, poverty, epidemics, opression of the weak and many more evils for a thousand years untill the NC popped up. That's not even mentioning the leaps in human society, human rights and human technology that have occured all thanks to the wisdom of the republic. With the republic, there was no senseless death trough disease or ideological war, there was no death from starvation, no poverty, no opression of the weak, there was no greed corrupting the goverment, there was no terrorism, there was no needless suffering. Untill the filthy NC terrorists poped up to ruin a tradition that has sustained humanity for a thousand years. A sensless global war, waged over two hundred years costing the lives of TRILLIONS of human lives, caused humanity to see the need to be united under a single banner. The Republic was, is and forever will be that banner. Are you saying we should simply give up? are you saying we should abbandon the peace to it's fate? are you saying we should cease to enforce the law for the betterment of all humanity and simply let anarchy, death and suffering reign? are you saying we should let someone guided by selfishness rule rather than the democraticaly appointed council of the Republic? Are you saying we should allow humanity to be divided and senseless wars be raged for the sake of "freedoms" wich no man, woman or child has need for? are you saying we should let anarchy reign in our cities, let our families be killed and our citizens, our friends and our family opressed under your corporate sponsors? You do know that voicing the suggestion of such an abbomination is high treason, which carries the death penalty in the Republic (Art. 147. civ.) don't you?

You NC scum don't care anything about those who want no part in your war, you ignore the pleas of our forebearers, our children and our citizens who cry out for peace, for the sake of sating the greed of your corporate sponsors. You do not fight for freedom, you fight to impose your unjust tyrany uppon the right and just Republic and corrupt it to sate your own needs. You are nothing more than terrorists, to be despised for all eternity in the history books as the harbringer of war and suffering. Do not delude yourself by thinking you are just and right, for you will be hated for all eternity should you continue on your path to damnation.

The republic is not your enemy, the Republic cares, the Republic protects and provides equaly for all. You wish to steal from the share of others trough violence and declare yourself as just and right, you are misguided. You wish to take more than you deserve and opress those that cannot defend themselves to get it, the Republic will not allow that. You wish to bring suffering, death and pain to innocents for the sake of greed, the Republic will not allow that. You wish to bring anarchy and war to shatter the peace that the republic has held sacred for a thousand years, the Republic will not allow that, the Republic will do it's duty and protect humanity from the likes of you!

-TR officer to NC captive

(I love writing posts like this)


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Aug 31, 2014
The TR strive for properly spaced paragraphs!! with proper indentation to start said paragraphs! To banish "wall o text" from the universe forever!!!

- And to use
- Bullet points
- When required!!

But yeah, you get the soapbox award :) great stuff :D


Nice 1 Audiofly, got a giggle out of me. Well done Huller was a good read cheers bud.