Outfit News Update of the Forum

Hi folks,

I have updated the forum software from Xenforo 2.0.x to 2.1.2 which has a lot additions to the site. i waited several months was waiting on theme to be updated.

Here are some of the major additions:
  • Native push notifications on supported devices/browsers
  • Editor button management
  • Enhanced editor integration and advanced BB code option syntax
  • Markdown support
  • Tables
  • Reactions
  • URL unfurling
  • Emoji enhancements including an improved smilie menu with easy emoji access
  • Video uploads
  • Approval queue improvements
  • Guest performance improvements including guest page caching
  • Content bookmarking and sharing
  • A fully featured REST API
  • One click XenForo upgrades and easier add-on installation
  • BB code and rich text editing for profile posts and comments
if you spot any bugs please let us know.