who are the NA east coast time zone players?


New Member
Oct 23, 2012
I am just wondering who all the members in the North American East Coast time zone, EST. or GMT-5 are. with the rescheduling of events to 8pm GMT, I am still at work at that time and the earliest I am able to commit to anything is 9pm GMT. so I was just wondering who else was in the EST that may be missing out on the outfit fun and maybe we can get stuff scheduled that we can participate in?

this is by no means an attempt to segregate the EU and NA players. as I would never tell the EU players they can't tag along, but I do realize if the NA players did want to plan something together to do, it may be too late in the evening for the EU players, but then again, some of the EU players seem to be on for way later then I'd thought they would.

and I do hope that the new earlier time for planned events works out for the majority, and if I can find a way to get home from work earlier, I'll try.