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My name is Chris and it's been my pleasure the past few days to fight and learn beside you all.

I would say "learning" to be the keyword with my amount of experience, of which just spans these past couple days. I did play briefly during the Planetside Reserves promotion, which proved enough to get me to subscribe to the game later down the road when I got a better gaming rig.

I love the scale of Planetside as well as the focus on teamwork over small round based matches and individual Rambo like tactics that seem to be more the norm these days in the video game industry, at least as far as shooters go.

Besides Planetside I pretty much just play video games and go to work and school. Currently I have an visual communications degree and am working on another for game design. So who knows, down the road I might get inspired to create some BRTD themed goodies :)

Well that's enough of introductions, see you all on the battlefield!
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