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Sunday 10/11/19 - Gift Card Cyclone Race [1st=$100][2nd=$50][3rd=$25][4th=$10] - BRTD Members Only

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Hello ladies and gents! To celebrate upcoming Citizen Con and the yearly ship sale, BRTD are hosting a Tumbril Cyclone Race! The event will begin at 7:30pm UTC where we will gather up at Loreville and prepare and the race will begin at 8pm UTC (With a chance it could start later if members are still logging in/having issues upto 8:20pm max) The event will be a non-combat race amongst our players in Tumbril Cyclone buggies/cars. The race will be a long and painful one where some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make! The race will be held on Loreville, Hurston. Please ensure you have set your spawn before the event! The Racecourse:
Rules: - No fighting/combat/intentional killing of other players - All participants will be in a stock Tumbril Cyclone that can be rented at a terminal (Guide will be shown...