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Outfit News BRTD is the Gold winner of Outfit Wars Alpha 3!

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BRTD has once again participated in Planetside 2's Outfit Wars, this time in its third Alpha iteration. Our first two matches, against 1RPC and DIGT and then FRMD and DIGT, were difficult and neither was a full win for BRTD. We improved our tactics and in the next two matches, facing ARAY and EDIM and then HRGC and VCBC.

Outfit News Star Citizen Weekly Ops Night - Every Sunday 19:30-22:00 GMT +1

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Hello Citizens, due to the stability of 3.9 and fixes in the upcoming 3.9.1, BRTD will be returning to regular scheduled ops/events nights in Star Citizen. We will split the night into two parts; 19:30-20:00 - The first half hour will be for the 'Electronic Access' (Arena Commander and Star Marine) game modes. One of the two will be chosen for the first ops and then rotate between them for each subsequent ops. What we do in the game modes; Star Marine's Elimination or Last Stand, and Arena Commander's Battle Royale, Squadron Battle, and Swarm, will be decided just prior to the op. 20:00-22:00 - The remainder of the op will be spent in the PU (Persistent Universe) with a focus on a relaxed and social setting, urging players to pursue their own in-game goals with a good mix of solo and sub-group players (miners, bounty hunters, traders, etc). If comms gets too cluttered those in noisy sub-groups would be urged to join a separate channel (i.e; a MOLE mining crew taking up the...

Outfit News ArsheeTV visits [BRTD]BetterRedThanDead for Outfit Spotlight!

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Watch https://arsheetv.com/ starting at 1800 UTC April 9, 2020!!!