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Nov 30, 2012
Hi there,

My Name is Maethar - i RL Fabio - im 25 years old, from germany - munich - and im appliing for a trial member of your outfit.

I didnt play planetside 1 that much because my comp was a bit too bad for this game.
But i played PS2 in the Beta and since the release now with a few friends, not in an outfit yet.

I prefer PVP oriented MMO, thats why i played more then 5 years DAoC, EVE online and some other games like BF2 and so on.
Thats another reason why im here in PS2 now, i love the possibility to achieve something with a few skilled people.
And of course ive a mic.

I offer you a good soldier and teamplayer, im not the person who give the orders, im the one who will execute em.
And thats another reason why i would like to join you. As far as i know you are doing a lot of teamtraining and organised teamplay, i guess thats necessary if you would like to kick the enemies asses.
I want to have fun with BRTD, improve my personal skills and reach something in PS2, thats why i think BRTD is the right choice for me.

My prefered play style is the infantry.
I prefer the Heavy assault, medic and MAX units, thats what im specced atm.
Well, the gunner in a gunship is a very nice job too.
But im open for anything.

anything else about me, i dunno..
And im the brother of Asmokai, who joined you in the beta.

Im looking forward for a hopefully positiv response.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

kind regards



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Sep 21, 2014
Hi Foolishfire,

Although our recruitment is closed we always give consideration to those with friends of the outfit. If you could ASmokai to vouch for you here I would be happy to give you a 2 week trial.