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Better Red Than Dead Gaming Community

Community Smash #4
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Date: 24th March 2018 Time:
  • 9 pm UTC, 10 pm CET. (Cobalt and Miller)
  • 4 pm EST, 1 pm PDT. (Emerald and Connery)
Date: 25th March 2018 Time:
  • 8 am AEDT, 7 am AEST and 5 am AWST. (Briggs)
Casters: Ghost, Nico101 Referee: Erots Please sign up below:

Thursday Night Ops

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Thursday night ops are where BRTD’s finest PL’s, SL’s and members get together to conquer and regain territories on Auraxis. All members are welcome (especially recruits) the event is held for two hours, every Thursday between 20:00 – 22:00 GMT (12:00 – 14:00 PDT | 15:00 – 17:00 EDT) See you on the battlefield soldier!

Videos 20 kill orbit strike

Happy Xmas and a Happy new year

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Merry xmas to all and to all a good night

Another Video thread? Surely not!

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Hi folks, @ksagamer n'company have made videos look like a lot of fun to make so I spent a few nights collecting some footage and another couple of evenings editing them whilst I was stuck in a hotel. Although the gameplay is ritual sudoku inducing I did have a LOT of fun with the editing, trying to get smooth transitions, sound synced and reasonable captions. If you've not tried it, I highly recommend it. Next up, find a decent font pack (and learn how to shoot)!

Some call it luck, I call it SKILL

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SPOILER: Aiming an harasser, killing a scythe :D

Nicolai does video

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I'm trying to create some videos. You should not expect any high quality content, as I'm still learning to create videos and play the game.